A Day in the Life of Me

July 11, 2010

Long Time No… Well uhhh just… You get the Idea.

Holy crap last time I blogged I was 11 years old I am thirteen now, left maplewood middle school, long story another post maybe today đŸ™‚ I go to school online now, enjoying my summer more than last year. I hate #@$%ing white #%it now as you could probably tell from the article I posted before my latest one not counting this one. I have seen many movies I guess only a few worth telling. Percy Jackson, Avatar, Karate Kid and a few more great ones. My friends and I are in the process of making a movie called The Other Side and it is going good so far. We moved from Bonnie’s house and we are settled in in our new apartment and with cable YAY! … but eh another ramble post here. But i just thought maybe that I would do a blog post for you guys since so much has changed and I thought I might through 2 years of drastic change at you all at one in 5 minutes hahaha but enough about all this weird stuff lets talk about things that are more interesting. i have a story that you might be interested in it is how i left maplewood middle if you are interested look down!

Ok so I am at my former friend terry’s house and I am editing my website and then I get that pull in the pit of you gut and you say IT”S GONNA BLOW as you run to the bathroom. And i did just not you know so dramatic. So while I am taking a crapper Terry goes on to his desktop where he keeps a list that he made rating every girl in the school about how much of a whore they are just by their yearbook picture. He puts a random background on a new page links to it from the other pages and pastes that list on MY SITE! He puts a comment box on save, publish bim bam dam ribidamdam he is done. He gets my account info and logs out so I can’t see what he has done and said it was by accident. It sounds like a lot of work but it would have taken about 2 minutes. And that night after I had left he deleted his own site so they couldn’t trace it back to him and told everyone it was me and gave them the site address. Well it was my most popular site I made.

Last paragraph just small updates here like I have a cell phone an ipod, cable and it is actually a fun summer this year I have a mmc membership. And I already know where I am working when I am sixteen. so things are going pretty great. well that is all i have to share for now until next time I am out.


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  1. We’re so glad, John, that you didn’t get seriously hurt today and just had a strain/sprain and some bruises that will heal with time. Take care.

    Comment by saintpaulgrrl — July 22, 2010 @ 8:53 pm | Reply

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