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September 5, 2009

The Minnesota State Fair

Hello Guys, I have not posted anything for almost five months now because I have been very busy. Lots of things have happened in five moths worth blogging about but I didn’t cause’ I’m lazy, LOL. But I am doing one right now.

About two days ago now, which by the way is around 10:00 pm, I just got back from the Minnesota State Fair. Lots of interesting and WET things happend there but I will get to that later. When we first went in there was a needle that stood up about a hundred feet in the air that carried people up to the top and back down again. I didn’t go on it, but it seemed like fun.

I will skip ahead the the best part of the entire trip… THE RIDES!!!!!! I had so much fun! I went upside down, sideways, slant ways and any other ways you can think of! I think that I will leave the rides part at that because I can’t describe it any better than that!

After that and pretty much one of the last interesting parts of the day. While I was sitting eating my hamburger and drinking a root beer (By the way, the 1919 root beer is the best root beer in the FAIR!) I saw my sixth grade Language Arts Teacher Mr. Bodurtha waiting at the door of a BAR. And I thought, hey, my teacher is cool and you know, normal…. COOL!

I walked over there and we had a conversation and a good time. I had SO much fun that day!!!!!

Oh yeah, I told you guys about my WET experiance. My mom, aunt, uncle and I went on a river rafting ride and I GOT DRENCHED! Totally!

But a perfect end to a perfect post. See you guys later.


September 3, 2008

Ghetto Teacher In Math Class

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Another post on school, but this time I’m not dealing with bullies… Well, I wouldn’t really say that. Actually I am, and as surprising as it may be to some of you guys, The bully is my Math teacher. And I’m not using that pre-teen mellow drama, that she gave me a D in Long division. She really was being a bully today.

About ten minutes into class, a new student to school comes in and hands her a late note. And my teacher says to the NEW STUDENT “Why are you a week late to school?!” And he looked like he had no idea what was going on. And my teacher said “I know you’re late but you are still responsible for knowing the information we learned over the past week”. And right then I was thinking, ‘What a… Something I aint gonna write here”

And thats why I am going to go to the main office of the building and ask to be put in another 6th grade (7th year) Math class.And I’m also going to find the kid who got told off for no reason, and say “Hey, I heard what happened the other day in Math class with our teacher. And I just wanted to let you know that I could let you borrow my notes from last week, or I could tell you what happened. I just heard her come down on you pretty hard and I just didn’t think it was right, and just thought I should do something to help you out.?” I mean come on. The kid is brand new at a new school, and thats pressure enough. Then here comes this hateful teacher putting more pressure on him to learn a week’s worth of math work in two days. Thats just wrong. So I’m going to try to help this new kid out a little, I think he could use a friend right now.

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