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April 26, 2009

The Battle of the Labyrinth

I would have wrote this review about a week ago, the day I finished it, but I’ve been busy with other stuff, but here it is now.

In the middle of a sort of search and destroy game at Camp Half-Blood after fleeing from the orientation at Percy’s new high school when Percy and a monster are fighting and blows up a part of the school, Percy and Annabeth who are on a team, fall into a pit that they soon discover to be an entrance to the Labyrinth.

After a council is held, and Annabeth goes to see the oracle, she chooses Percy, Tyson, and Grover to set out on a quest through the Labyrinth to find Daedalus’s workshop and retrieve a magical item that allows you to navigate through the ever changing maze before Luke does. Because if Luke retrieves the string first, He will be able to find the entrance to Camp half-blood, and not have to worry about the magical boundaries around the demigod camp.

In the Labyrinth, Hera, saves the four of them from a premature decision conducted by the two-headed man called Janus. Hera talks of her partner, Hephaestus, and for the kids to go to him.

When the kids get to Hephaestus, he tells them to go to Mount St. Helens, and when they get there, the kids are forced to split up, and by a happy surprise, Annabeth kisses, Percy.

After fighting and fighting, Percy is thrown into the air and that somehow ends him up on an island with calypso for a companion. After a long period of time Percy is offered to go back to Camp Half-Blood, as well as stay with her. Percy loves her but he can not stay. So Percy goes back to Camp Half-Blood, not to find Grover or Tyson.

So Annabeth and Percy and Annabeth must go back into the maze, but Percy has an idea. His mortal friend can see through the mist, she can see monsters demigods, everything. So they can use her for navigation through the Labyrinth. With no problem at all the convince her to go into the Labyrinth, find an entrance, descend, and beginning their search a gain for Daedalus’s workshop. With no trouble at all, they navigate through the maze to a door, the door to Daedalus’s workshop. The open the door and find a room filled with, laptops easels, invention, blueprints and all sorts of other architectural designing tools and ideas.

They find out quick that Daedalus is an old not a friend not an enemy person from Camp Half-Blood. The kids must leave quick because monsters and Kronos’s army is at the door to kidnap and kill Daedalus. They must also take an old friend, Nico, son of Hades with them.

Once they get out of the destroyed and burning Daedalus’s workshop, they get a ride and find another entrance to the Labyrinth. Now, they need to find Grover and Tyson. In a short time, they find Tyson holding the unconscious Grover at the entrance to the Great Lost God Pan’s cave.

The Great God Pan speaks prophesies of the future for all who are around him, except Nico.Grover must return to Camp Half-Blood and tell the Council of Cloven Elders that the Great God Pan is dead.

After a difficult Council of convincing them of the death of the Great God Pan, Everyone lines up around the entrance to the Labyrinth, because Kronos is now back in is full form and is probably sending part of his army to invade Camp Half-Blood. Every Half-Blood in the Camp knows that they are in for the battle of a lifetime!

The Army of Kronos bursts through the Labyrinth, and the fight begins. Afters hours of fight, Grover is possessed by the God Pan for a few seconds, long enough to drive the Army of the Titan Lords Army back into the Labyrinth, to retreat. After that, Nico talks to Percy and says that he does not belong here, anywhere, and with that, Nico descended into the forest and disappears.

Chiron with a broken leg, decides to tell Percy to go home too his mother. And when he gets there, Percy’s 15th birthday party i going on. Percy’s Mom is going to get married to Paul Blofis and Poseidon comes to visit Percy freaking out his mother and unsettles Paul.

Percy and Poseidon talk about stuff he came to his birthday part, it means the world to him! After Poseidon leaves, Percy goes to his room to think things over. When he gets there, he finds Nico out on the fire escape, who found out a way to beat Luke and the evil Titan Lord.

Percy invites him in, They have a lot to talk about.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

The Battle of the Labyrinth


March 31, 2009

The Sea of Monsters

About five minutes ago, I finished the second Rick Riordan Percy Jackson book, The Sea of Monsters. All of the same characters except for Percy’s new brother who is a cyclops named Tyson. They met at Percy’s new school. But on the last day of school, (Percy hasn’t been expelled yet) Annabeth comes in and saves Percy from giant cannibalistic monsters, trashing the gym, getting Percy expelled, again. They go to Camp Half-Blood to find that Thalia’s Tree has been poisoned, destroying the Camp’s magical bounds, allowing monsters to come in at will. So Percy must go on a quest that isn’t his to The Sea of Monsters to rescue the golden fleece guarded by the killer cyclops called Polyphemus who unknowingly wants to marry Grover who stumbled across the Monsters island on his personal quest to find Pan.

Once Percy and Annabeth get to the island they get Grover out of there and manage to get the golden fleece and escape from the island in one piece. On their way back to camp, they meet up with an old enemy, Luke. Luke almost kills Percy but Chiron, a Centaur and his brethren come and save Percy from a fight that would be lost.

When they get back to camp, they stat with fleece immediately and it heals the Camp’s boundaries in a heart beat. But the fleece works it’s magic a little too well. It brings Thalia back to life!

The Sea of Monsters

The Sea of Monsters

October 4, 2008

The Lightning Thief

On Friday morning, in my social studies class, we were in the library instead of the classroom because our daily objective was to use library resources to research your assigned country. Mine is Laos. And being the brilliant person that I truly am, I finished early. Just kidding, I finished early because I only needed to answer one more question, locate my country on an atlas, and draw my country’s flag. And since we were in the library, people who finished with time to spare, could check out a book. And when I did start to check out a book, I asked the librarian if they had any books by Steven King or John Grisham. But the librarian said no. So I just started looking around in the Fiction section, when the librarian comes up to me and asks, ” Have you ever read any books by Rick Riordan? ” And that is the exact point that I got unbearably lucky. She took me to where some of his books where and said that she thought that I would like them, And I found one that looked somewhat interesting, so I checked it out not expecting much, but by the time I was done with the very first chapter, I was completely blown away by the book called “The Lightning Thief”

The Lightning Thief is the first book of the series he writes. (The book is called The Lightning Thief, the author is Rick Riordan, and this is the first book in the series, Percy Jackson and The Olympians.) And you better believe that after I’m done with The Lightning Thief, I am going to read the second book in the series, “The Titan’s Curse”. I’m not going to tell you what it is about because I know that there are some people who want to read it, so I’m not going to be the one to spoil the surprise for you guys. But if you do want to know a little bit about the book, here’s a link to some info on it. It’s awesome.

The Lightning Thief

I think that you should go to your local library, and see if they have a copy of The Lightning Thief. I highly Recommend it. 😉

Book By Rick Riordan

Book By Rick Riordan

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