A Day in the Life of Me

November 7, 2010

It’s been a while… But I’m Back!

Well lets see what I have been up to lately. Well as always I have been looking for more cool things to do on the internet. I would say now that I am pretty handy with all the things like that. I now have a blog, two youtube channels of my own and one I share with some friends, a radio show I do every once and a while, my own e-mail service, and a website for our new movie series. Also I am pretty good at making Pictures so I am going to put them on a Flicker account. So I am pretty happy with the stuff I accomplished.

Okay on a different subject now, the weather is fast turning into winter. Oh… wait, I forgot to tell you guys about my AMAZING Halloween! I was Michael Myers. I made an awesome costume from my own money I earned. I bought a fifty dollars Michael Myers mask off of E-bay. It looked awful at first, the hair was pressed against the mask, and it was liquid paper white. I just had to pull the brown spray paint off of the hair and then it was easy to manage. Then I just threw it around in the dirt to dirty and grime it up and I worked great. I made three different knifes until they all fell apart the third one worked out great because it was heavy duty plastic. The jump-suit, and the shoes I bought for a total of about 23 dollars. The costume worked out great. I went with about five of my friends in my old neighborhood. I had an unbelievable time!

Okay, now back to the weather which is fast turning cold. Winter is on the way. No snow has reached the ground yet but I imagine it will soon. It’s just kind of chilly outside though.

I switched schools again. I was finally accepted right away. I have so many friend there. I have never been happier at school as far as I remember.

Well I guess that about wraps it up except for the links to my stuff for you to check out

My Personal Youtube Channel

September 5, 2009

The Minnesota State Fair

Hello Guys, I have not posted anything for almost five months now because I have been very busy. Lots of things have happened in five moths worth blogging about but I didn’t cause’ I’m lazy, LOL. But I am doing one right now.

About two days ago now, which by the way is around 10:00 pm, I just got back from the Minnesota State Fair. Lots of interesting and WET things happend there but I will get to that later. When we first went in there was a needle that stood up about a hundred feet in the air that carried people up to the top and back down again. I didn’t go on it, but it seemed like fun.

I will skip ahead the the best part of the entire trip… THE RIDES!!!!!! I had so much fun! I went upside down, sideways, slant ways and any other ways you can think of! I think that I will leave the rides part at that because I can’t describe it any better than that!

After that and pretty much one of the last interesting parts of the day. While I was sitting eating my hamburger and drinking a root beer (By the way, the 1919 root beer is the best root beer in the FAIR!) I saw my sixth grade Language Arts Teacher Mr. Bodurtha waiting at the door of a BAR. And I thought, hey, my teacher is cool and you know, normal…. COOL!

I walked over there and we had a conversation and a good time. I had SO much fun that day!!!!!

Oh yeah, I told you guys about my WET experiance. My mom, aunt, uncle and I went on a river rafting ride and I GOT DRENCHED! Totally!

But a perfect end to a perfect post. See you guys later.

March 4, 2009

The Red and The Blues

Today, I have been living in Minnesota for a week. It was about time that we are in a blue state living around people who aren’t either completely insane and don’t get the point of anything, or just, well, let’s say misinformed. I would like to use a lot more stronger words than that, (because I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I sort of resent Texas. I have lived in lots of parts of Texas, and everywhere I go there, the people there are just so stupid and horribly bad), but for the sake of the people who know me, I wouldn’t want to mess up a good word press reputation.

But in Minnesota it is so much different, I haven’t even started going to school here yet and I can already tell that this is going to be much better than Tex-ass. I am going to start school on Monday. At the beginning of the day, the principal and I along with my mom are going to have a meeting and go on a tour of the school. I have already signed up for Choir and Chess Club, and I am thinking about joining Anime Club. But first I want to know what they do in Anime Club. But I think I will end up in it. In three months and five days when summer starts. I might be going to a sort of summer thing called Summer Uproar

If you hadn’t noticed that things are going great in Minnesota, you will now. It is a possibility that Mike will be here by the summer time, and I will be with my dad instead of going to the Summer Uproar.

Minnesota, is, AWESOME!

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