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April 15, 2009

The Titan’s Curse

(I know that it hasn’t been long since I did another Percy Jackson book blog post, two down from this is “The Sea of Monsters” blog post. But I finished relatively quickly on the next one so here is my review):

The Titan’s Curse is no worse than the last two, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Percy ends up going on a quest that is not permitted with the help of Annabeth’s invisibility cap. The reason Annabeth does not have her invisibility cap with her is because after getting an urgent call from Grover that he has fount two Half-Bloods at a school that he has sneaked into to recruit, well, Half-Bloods. On their way back to camp after being attacked by a Manticore, Annabeth is throne off the cliff side and into the clutches of Luke and The General, also known as Kronos’s right hand man. Before that Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and leader of The Hunt and the hunters come and save the kids from a bloody death, but does not succeed in saving Annabeth from her fate. Artemis sends help from her brother Apollo, God of the Sun, to take them to camp in his sun chariot while she goes off to find a monster that can destroy Olympus.

Once the kids get to camp, Percy and Zoe, Artemis’ second in command hunter, are having nightmares. Percy is dreaming about Luke betraying Annabeth and tricking her to hold the burden of the sky. Percy must save her from Luke! Zoe is dreaming about Artemis she is in trouble. She let Annabeth’s burden go so she is holding the sky. Zoe must save Artemis from The General! So Percy is not going on the quest (or at least he isn’t supposed to) because he is not permitted to go. Zoe, Grover, and Thalia are going to save Artemis. But Percy must save Annabeth, so he goes along too, secretly.

Obviously, he is found out because he tells the people he is secretly following that a monster is coming. They fight them off no problem, but Percy isn’t a secret anymore.

Once the group gets to the mountain where Artemis is kept. They find her and Annabeth there with Luke and the General. Luke is beaten by Thalia, in a sword on spear one on one battle. He is throne off of a cliff. The General is tricked into holding up the sky so that all seven of them can get away.

After they get back to amp, Percy tells Nico, another Half-Blood, that his sister is dead even though he was supposed to keep her safe on the quest. Nico releases his unknown powers as the son of Hades. Now, if you have read The Lightning Thief, you know that the Gods of The Big Three, are not supposed to have kids with mortals. But Poseidon and Zeus broke that oath. Poseidon had Percy, and Zeus had Thalia, and Hades had none, as far as we know. You see, also in The Lightning Thief, The kids, Bianca and Nico, got stuck in the Lotus hotel and were there for centuries. So it makes sense, Hades had his children before the oath was made, and he just forgot over the centuries.

Nico storms off, from Percy after unleashing his powers and now he is lost, not lost from himself, but from the campers. Because if Kronos figures out that Nico is a son of The Big Three, than he can manipulate him to be the weapon to use for the downfall of Olympus!

The Titan's Curse

The Titan's Curse


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