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September 5, 2009

The Minnesota State Fair

Hello Guys, I have not posted anything for almost five months now because I have been very busy. Lots of things have happened in five moths worth blogging about but I didn’t cause’ I’m lazy, LOL. But I am doing one right now.

About two days ago now, which by the way is around 10:00 pm, I just got back from the Minnesota State Fair. Lots of interesting and WET things happend there but I will get to that later. When we first went in there was a needle that stood up about a hundred feet in the air that carried people up to the top and back down again. I didn’t go on it, but it seemed like fun.

I will skip ahead the the best part of the entire trip… THE RIDES!!!!!! I had so much fun! I went upside down, sideways, slant ways and any other ways you can think of! I think that I will leave the rides part at that because I can’t describe it any better than that!

After that and pretty much one of the last interesting parts of the day. While I was sitting eating my hamburger and drinking a root beer (By the way, the 1919 root beer is the best root beer in the FAIR!) I saw my sixth grade Language Arts Teacher Mr. Bodurtha waiting at the door of a BAR. And I thought, hey, my teacher is cool and you know, normal…. COOL!

I walked over there and we had a conversation and a good time. I had SO much fun that day!!!!!

Oh yeah, I told you guys about my WET experiance. My mom, aunt, uncle and I went on a river rafting ride and I GOT DRENCHED! Totally!

But a perfect end to a perfect post. See you guys later.


November 28, 2008

My Website, And Webs.com Promo

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I have recently discovered a very good, very cool, 100% free, web program tat allows you to create,run, promote, and mess around with a website you can have as your own. I have already created my website with everything on it, although I am still working on the store, it is pretty much up and running. It is published, it is very cool and it looks great! And I just wanted to give you a tutorial on how to use said website: Webs.com

All you need to do is follow my link, click on the big green button at the bottom right hand corner that says: Create A Website. Then fill out the information, choose a template that you like. And it automatically takes you to WebBuilder. Exit out of that, go to the E-mail you put in, verify, you E-mail address, then you can start working on you site.

My Website: GreenDayTalk.Webs.Com

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